Check out the Spotlight Series on our Co-Founder in The Gut Gazette

Our Co-Founder & Creative Director spoke to The Gut Gazette about her diagnosis of Crohn's Disease and how that was the catalyst to start Kanabé Goods Co. 

From the Gut Gazette Spotlight Series:
"For today’s Spotlight, we’re sharing an interview with Krystal Laferriere –  a born and raised Calgarian, a mom of two boys, a Crohn’s warrior and Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer of Kanabé Goods Co.– a therapeutic cannabis company. Krystal is a self-proclaimed nerd who likes sports statistics, murder documentaries, a fiend for miniature Mars bars, and of course long walks on the beach. Krystal worked in the oil industry for most of her career, but felt somewhat boxed in, as the industry is conservative by nature, which didn’t really align with her beliefs. She first discovered cannabis when she was recovering from surgery due to her Crohn’s disease eight years ago. Krystal felt inspired to enter the cannabis industry because it was ground-breaking, she could get creative, and help people much like herself with wellness-based products."  READ MORE

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