Cannabis Products for Everyday Use

Every person could use  cannabis, it's not just for getting high. 
No need to learn to roll a joint or hit a bong.
Do you know how to apply lotion? Take a capsule? Cook with oil?
The unfamiliar may be more familiar than you realize.  



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Liquid or solid preparation for application onto the skin for localized effect. Think a muscle rub salve, lotion or massage oil with cannabis known to aid with soreness, skin issues or joint pain without the high.

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Convenient, dose-controlled cannabis oil capsules contain whole plant and full spectrum cannabis oil with complete profiles of cannabinoids and terpenes for maximum benefit.

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Sublingual SPRAYS

Easy, discreet and dose-controlled, Sublingual Sprays are administered orally, a quick spritz into the mouth. They are perfect for micro-dosing or doses can be stacked for greater effect.

Kanabé Goods Co.


The founders bring a passion for cannabis health and wellness products born out of a struggle to cope with various conditions such as Crohn’s disease, insomnia to stress and anxiety. They sought a natural way to cope with these various ailments when traditional therapies were causing side-effects and diminishing quality of life.

*See our Co-founder’s story of her personal journey with Crohn’s and cannabis in our blog*

Cannabis isn’t one size fits all. The founders developed products with that in mind. Some want no intoxicating effects, others want localized pain relief. Products were formulated with specific cannabinoid and terpene profiles that work together have varying effects.

Kanabé is bringing the medicinal benefits of cannabis health and wellness goods to the adult-use market with Canadian cannabis legalization in 2020.



Topicals ~ Sublinguals ~ Capsules


Topicals noun | top·i·cal | ˈtä-pi-kəl

A liquid or solid preparation for cosmetic or external medicinal use; healing ointment; designed for or involving local application & action (as on the body).

There is evidence of cannabis being applied topically for thousands of years in many different cultures around the world. Kanabé brings new innovation to this form of remedy with a commitment to quality and safety. Our product line will soothe painful joints, sore muscles, and cramping, or can even be used for sexual pleasure!


Sublinguals noun sub·lin·gual | ˌsəb-ˈliŋ-gwəl , -gyə-wəl

Administered orally, most commonly under the tongue; a solution of a medicinal substance.

Kanabé has a line of oils purposed for oral consumption (sublingually). Based in MCT coconut oil, the spray bottle is child-proof, dose-controlled and discreet. Depending on the cannabinoid profile, these oils can be used to soothe anxiety, insomnia, or inflammatory/autoimmune disorders.

Capsules noun ˈkapsəl |ˈkapˌs(y)o͞ol/ 

Dosage forms made up of gelatin shells which enclose accurately measured active ingredient(s) to be taken orally.