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Check out our Co-founder Krystal Laferriere (@xtra_ordinary_girl) on Help Us YYC!

Help Us YYC is a show providing support, education and laughs to those suffering with chronic illnesses, in particular gut disorders. Krystal was on the show discussing the benefits of cannabis products to help manage chronic pain and inflammation. Krystal speaks about how Kanabé’s products were formulated with the intention of helping issues associated with her Crohn’s Disease like pain, cramping, inflammation and even anxiety. Learn about the cannabis regulations, what will be allowed, application methods, uses and packaging restrictions.

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Help Us YYC

A channel to help inform people living with gut issues how to manage them and the stress that comes along with them. A series focused around getting answers and asking the questions about gut health that others are too scared to ask, all while having fun. We plan on eliminating the stigma and letting people know it’s ok to discuss gut health, IBD, IBS, and the feeling of isolation that can come along with it all.

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