Our Co-Founder is Named Lyfebulb Ambassador For Patients With Chronic Illness

We are happy to share our Co-Founder, Krystal Laferriere, has been named Lyfebulb Ambassador for patients with chronic illness. Lyfebulb is a non-profit, patient-centric organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life for people living with chronic disease. 

From Lyfebulb.com:
"Lyfebulb Ambassadors are leaders in the community. They are advocates, and passionate individuals who use their voice to tell stories, create change, and inspire others living with chronic disease."

Krystal's goal is to empower others to be an advocate for their own health and wellness and share in her journey dealing with Crohn's Disease. She aims to educate on the benefits that cannabis products can offer as an add-on to traditional therapies for IBD.

Lyfebulb Ambassador

Check out Krystal's profile on Lyfebulb here and watch for her upcoming contributions to the Lyfebulb community!

You can also follow Krystal's journey with IBD through her Instagram profile: @xtra_ordinary_girl